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Art Journaling Group


1.5 hours

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Art journals are a great way to document what's going on in your world! You can use an art journal instead of a traditional handwritten journal to visually express what is on your mind. There are many ways to add to your journal, including collaging, doodling, and painting. It's up to you to discover what methods you enjoy most as you explore the different options. In this class, you will learn how to make a handmade journal and decorate the cover. We will talk about a variety of journaling techniques, the different supplies you can use as you start your journal, how to set a routine art date with yourself, and ways to come up with ideas for journal topics. You will also receive informational sheets with suggestions and prompts to guide you on getting started with your first couple of entries. Session Length: 1.5–2.5 hours, depending on your group’s needs. Follow-up classes are available for group journaling sessions.

Cost: $55 per person for1.5 hours. Includes all supplies to make the journals and a variety of decorative cover materials. Need more time? You can choose how much!

For groups of 5 or more, there is an extra charge of $5/person for each additional 30 minutes. Groups under 5 will be charged an extra $25 per additional 30 minutes for the group.

Group Size: Minimum of 5 people. (Groups under 5 will be charged an additional $10 per person.)

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