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About Betsie

People tend to think creating art is difficult, but it's not. I like introducing people to new ideas and letting them discover how fun the creative process is.

Betsie McClimans


Art has been a huge tool for me. I love that I can use color and texture to describe my feelings and tell a story of how I see the world. Art helps me express what's going on inside when words aren't enough.​

Art is fun. The more I delve into it, the more creative my life becomes. The artistic process flows into other areas of my life, making the world around me more exciting and inspiring. My problem-solving skills and confidence grow exponentially the more I experiment with artistic expression. ​

For a number of years, I've been bringing art projects into rehab centers and prison programs, as well as retreats and private group settings.

My desire with Colorful Encounters is to help people think about who they are on a deeper level and become open to the beauty found within themselves and their surroundings. The creative process can help to clarify what’s important for each of us, expose what brings life and joy, and reveal how we feel most connected to the world around us. Art gives us confidence when we see we can not just start a project but finish it. My favorite part is seeing a light go on in people when they realize how much they enjoy the discovery of a new and meaningful way to spend their time. Art really is for everyone!


  When I allow myself time for creativity it shows in everything I do. My life becomes more colorful!


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