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Dream Catcher (2100 × 628 px) (1).png

Dreamcatcher Art Project

Dreamcatchers are a Native American tradition. Dreamcatchers are made with a handmade willow hoop, which a net or web is woven into the circle than embellished with feathers and beads. Traditionally, dreamcatchers are hung over a cradle or bed as protection.  With this project we take a creative spin on dreamcatchers! Looking for something traditional let us know and we will adjust the project. We will have all the supplies including hoops, suede/leather, webbing material, feathers, and beads for decoration. You can also bring personal objects and decorations to incorporate in your dreamcatcher to make it more personal and more meaningful. Pendants, charms, and trinkets are popular examples – whatever your creative spirit desires!

Session Length: 1.5–2 hours, depending on your group’s needs.


Cost: $45 per person. Includes all supplies needed to create your project.


Need more time? You can choose how much! Add 30 minutes for $25.


Group Size: Minimum of 6 people. Groups under 6 will be charged an additional $10 per person for each project. Contact us to schedule your group or look at our events page to find a workshop in your area.

Works of Art

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