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2 Hours

About the Course

Make a Beachy Sea Glass Art Project!

It takes seven years or more for a piece of glass in the ocean to be weathered and frosted over until it becomes sea glass. Since we use plastic more than glass now, sea glass has become harder to find. It is always fun and a valuable addition to add to jewelry, art projects or decorations for your home. Our Beachy Sea Glass art project is a wall hanging with a beach theme. You will get a choice of different color sea glass and beach embellishments. Ask about other things we can make with sea glass!

$50 per person for up to 2 hours. Includes all supplies to make your first design.

Need more time? You can choose how much! Add 30 minutes for $25.


Group Size: Minimum of 6 people. Groups under 6 will be charged an additional $10 per person for each project. Contact us to schedule your group or look at our events page to find a workshop in your area.

Your Instructor

Betsie McClimans

Betsie McClimans

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